PRTV carries the local FOX and ABC stations and TV35!

Progressive Rural Television is available to some our customers! PRTV can turn your television into an entertainment center by providing a true digital quality picture and sound. Call 984-4201 or email to see if PRTC is available to you. Stop by the Business Office and view our demo.

Professional Installation First month free (one-year commitment-initial installation)

DVR is available from PRTV. Call 984-4201 for more information.

  • DVR allows you to record your favorite program and watch it at your convenience.
  • Record one show, while you watch another.
  • Pause and Rewind live TV.

(If you get a phone call or a visitor while watching your favorite show, just press Pause and talk on the phone or visit with your friend. When finished, press Pause and your show is right where you left it)

Why choose PRTV?

  • 110 Over Digital Channels including local, sports channels and Turner South
  • Multiple channels of Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and HBO
  • Over 30 Digital Music Channels
  • HD (High Def) available in some areas
  • Caller ID on TV Screen
  • Professional installation
  • Telephone, Long Distance, Internet and PRTV-one bill-one check
Basic $24.95
Expanded $71.95
Full $127.95

(See PRTV Channel Lineup to see which channels are included)

One free regular cable box with each package. Additional boxes are $4.95 per box, per month
DVR $10.00 per month
Hi Def (HD)  $7.50
Whole-Home DVR  $5.00

Premium Movie Packages include:

Cinemax $15.50
Encore $12.00
HBO $17.00
Showtime $15.50
Starz $13.00





All prices are in addition to your monthly telephone bill.

Bundle DSL with PRTV:
DSL1.5M with Basic Package $39.95
DSL1.5M with Expanded Package $32.95
DSL1.5M with Full Package $29.95
(other DSL speeds available)